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Do you love writing with great passion ?
Do you wish to compile your Articles (Published) as a e-Book ?
Do you wish to Publish your Thesis dissertation into a e-Book ?
Do you think the coming generation can benefit from your Knowledge ?

If YES to any one, YOU should think about writing "e-Book" !

"e-Books" are not just a great way to express your imagination and wisdom, but they are a great way to make BIG Money ! Millions of Authors wrote very good books, and converted them as "e-Books", which they marketed well and made Millions of Money !

Our Team can help, in Publishing (in just 4 steps) with ISBN issued by National Library, Singapore !

ISBN is FREE ! &
Publication Fee is US$1.00/page flat US$50/book

Publication fee can be paid in many currencies including INR & SGD See How

Our Features:

EASY: Register and Submit e-Book files Online!
REACH: Available to anybody in the world, no exceptions!
FAST: ISBN Number will be assigned in 3 to 5 working days!
SECURE: You retain 100% of your work's copyright and royalties!
SALES: All new, 13-digit ISBN codes for all your marketing needs!
QUALITY: Layout editing team will design the Book in Global standards!
SUPPORT: Visit our Help Centre for any more questions and online instant assistance!
SAFE: Automatically register your book info with National Library Singapore via our website!
CONVENIENCE: Pay in USD via PayPal or in INR using any Indian card or Internet bank login!
PRIVACY: Only Author with login credentials can access the published book in PDF file format!

How it works?, Simply Follow the below steps. 1..2..3..4.. as simple as that!

02. Submit Book Content(Text) and wrapper file

03. Get ISBN & Pay as per page count

04. Download PDF / ePUB file


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