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Top 7 Places to Sell e-Books Online

There are various places you can advertise and sell your ebooks online. These places are definitely worth looking into if writing an ebook sounds like something you would like to do.

1. BarnesAndNoble: Since Barnes and Noble is known as the world's largest bookseller, they decided to follow suit and launch a publishing platform for writers of ebooks. Their self-publishing platform promises authors fast and easy service, with no hidden fees attached. One major plus to this site is the fast publishing time once titles are accepted, which is usually 24 to 72 hours.

2. PayLoadz: This online site provides support to authors in the areas of ebook advertisement, marketing, selling, and distribution. PayLoadz offers an easy-to-use selling platform that automatically delivers ebooks to customers after payment has been received. They accept payments through the PayPal network, making transactions a breeze.

3. Borders: The addition of ebooks to this popular book and media seller's website is sure to please many readers that are on-the-go. They have partnered with Kobo to bring authors a simple publishing program that can convert ebooks to many formats. This allows readers to download ebooks to whatever device they may have, which is convenient.

4. Amazon: If writers have a piece of work they would like to publish as an ebook, this site provides a great opportunity to do so. Amazon offers a web platform for authors to easily upload and publish their ebooks. All someone needs to do is create a seller account, and their customers can purchase ebooks through a digital text platform. This site will pay writers up to 35 percent of the purchase price of their ebooks.

5. ClickBank: This site offers a step-by-step approach to selling ebooks. All prospective authors have to do is create their product, and this site will typically accept it soon after. After a one-time activation fee is paid, writers can place their ebook up for sale. Many different affiliate companies will market ebooks for a part of the commission. If advertisement is what you are after, this website may be good for you.

6. BookBaby: The nice thing about this site is that it helps authors get their ebooks distributed to all the major ebook sellers on the web. This means ebooks can be downloaded in all major formats, making them capable to be read on all ereaders. They offer a good pay-out rate and great customer support.

7. Ebay: This hugely popular online marketplace makes it easy to sell ebooks through their website. Authors can add ebooks to their existing store or create a new store strictly for their media. Authors must own the selling rights of their ebooks in order to sell them on this site. They also must list their ebooks in the "Everything Else" category, and the ebooks must be delivered either through email or downloaded from a website.

All of these places will help get your ebooks sold online. You must be sure to read and follow all rules and instructions of these sites, because they can vary greatly from one place to the next. Hopefully your ebook will become popular among readers, and you will make a BIG money in the process.


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